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The Latin word “acies” refers primarily to the front line of soldiers on a battlefield.  The association seeks to form and educate its members in Catholic truths and principles that they might take up “the armor of God” (Eph.6.13), truly living as Christians so that their every act is infused with a Catholic spirit of Faith and Charity. Members find the natural expression of this spirit in active apostolate by which they labor for the welfare, edification, conversion and sanctification of their fellow men.

The whole social atmosphere of Acies is geared to promote fraternal charity and cooperation among its members, united in common goals, dedicated to the service of God and neighbor.

With over 180 dedicated members and friends ranging in age from 18 to over 30, with diverse interests, skills, and backgrounds, Acies is the place to be if you're looking for true Catholic Action, friendship, and spiritual growth.   



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Father nicholas gardner


As Acies chaplain, Father's role is to guide the organization in it's mission of the sanctification of its members and Catholic Action by developing organizational strategy and maintaining the group's spiritual focus.  This includes providing spiritual direction and the sacraments for the members.


Fr. Gardner was ordained at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in 2013.  His experience with youth groups such as Adelante have prepared Father to lead and guide the largest young adult group in the SSPX.  Through a focus on the original foundations and principles of the group, Father hopes to help improve and develop Acies as it approaches its ten-year anniversary.


Todd M. Angele


Todd Angele took on the role the president of Acies in August of 2022.  He is a graduate of Immaculate Conception Academy (Post Falls, ID), Class of 2015.


As the lay leader, his role is to ensure that the entire organization is effectively pursuing its mission of sanctification and Catholic Action. This includes creating and implementing overall strategy, developing the current and future leadership of the organization, and overseeing all organizational operations.


Jane F. Brown


As the secretary of Acies, Jane plays a major role in assisting the President and communicating the schedule of upcoming events and meetings to Acies' members and friends. Jane graduated from Seton Home Study School in 2017 and acquired her LPN Nursing degree and license from Washburn Institute of Technology in 2019.


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