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St. Mary's Prolife Rosary 2016-124-0153.

Organizing processions, praying outside abortion clinics, visiting the sick, volunteering at homeless shelters, organizing community entertainment, campus outreach & evangelization, apologetics discussions - no matter your occupation, schedule, or talents, there is something for just about everyone to volunteer for!


Like all great endeavors, building a Catholic culture and restoring all things in Christ can't be done without funding! Check our calendar of events to join our next fundraising event or drop us a line with your fundraising idea!


Do you enjoy writing? Our blog can provide a platform for you to showcase and develop your knowledge and talents while helping others learn about Catholic Faith and culture. Drop us a note; we're always looking for new talent!


  • Acies is a non-profit organization focused on the education and formation of the young adults of St. Mary's.  Our purpose is to restore all things in Christ as King within our members, the community of St. Mary's, and beyond.  Your support of Acies is an investment in the youth of St. Mary's and the future of our community.

  • Excelsior Theater Company is a non-profit drama group affiliated with Acies.  Our purpose is to create a Catholic environment where young adults can showcase their theatrical talent and enrich the community of St. Mary's with good, uplifting entertainment.  Support ETC to help sponsor future productions!



Interested in joining? Looking for more information? Or just curious? Drop us a line, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

785-437-2471 ext 333

200 East Mission St. 

Saint Mary's, KS 66536

Thanks! Message sent.

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