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The Catholic Guide to Friendship and Chastity

Fr. Gerard Kelly


“This little book, read prayerfully, by older teens and young adults. will be both an encouragement and a tremendous help to purity. In a world that has lost its moral compass to the point that even decent young men and women can easily lose their way, the author gives a clear and balanced explanation of what it means to be pure. The principles on which he bases his treatise are rock solid, the examples enlightening, and the application to real life truly helpful without falling into the trap of being preachy or out of date. The chapter on the divine plan of reproduction is explicit but in an appropriate way.

"St. John Bosco called purity ‘the most beautiful of all virtues.’ We might go further and call it a key to the restoration of Christendom. For from pure women will come true and noble-minded men, and only from such men—pure by definition—will come the restoration of all things in Christ.”

—Fr. Gerard Beck, SSPX


This book is a must read for all Catholic young adults.  From those who were never taught the natural process of life to those who may be more informed, this short book is a treasure trove of practical advice for both young men and young women on both the natural and supernatural levels.  Though it's centred around the facts of life, this book should be the go-to read for every young adult - no matter if they're single, thinking of the religious life, or pursuing a relationship.  Forget "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"; this book lays it all out - and in a much simpler and shorter manner.

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