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This is God

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

It’s so easy to forget. We kneel down in the chapel so many times, attending Mass, waiting in line for confession, or just making a visit. We start praying, or at least trying to pray, but we forget. We forget the simple fact that this is God. We are kneeling before God, Almighty God Himself. We lose sight of this, and our prayer suffers accordingly. So, here are some thoughts to consider the next time we find ourselves in the chapel.

This is God. I am kneeling before God. Almighty God. The One Who created me and all things out of nothing. He freely gives me everything that I am and that I have. It’s all from Him. Everything. Too often we think the world around us is stagnant. That things are boring. They’re not. Existence is necessarily dynamic, because every single object I come in contact with is here and now receiving that existence from God Himself. This dynamic giving and receiving pertains to all things. It is constant, it is ever-present. Nothing around me would be here…were it not for Him, for this One before Whom I kneel, holding in existence all things around me. This is God, Almighty God.

I am here in front of God. An All-loving God. I here find the One Who became man and died amongst the most incredible and unspeakable sufferings possible…and it was all for me. This is the God before Whom I kneel. Not just a God Who loves, but a God Who is Love. This is God. A God Who, through His exceeding love for us, even when we were dead in our sins, has given us life through His Son. I kneel before this infinite and boundless love, a love which would have endured again all of the sufferings of the Passion if it were possible to win one more grace for me. This Infinite Love is God, the God in Whose Presence I now find myself. How could I not be moved to love in return…

This God is my All, my Everything. He is the end for which I was created, the One Who alone can give me all that my soul desires. This is the God Who will be my eternal reward in heaven. If the full splendor of the Majesty and Beauty contained in the Eucharist were to be unveiled before me right now, my soul would immediately and eternally be enraptured in the Infinite Goodness and Love here present before me, and I would forever be in heaven. Of course, the veil now remains, but we know by faith that this is that same God, the God Who will one day fill my soul with the Boundless Beatitude which is Himself. This is perfect Peace and Joy, before Which I kneel. This is God. My God, my Love, my Joy, my Peace, my Eternal Reward. Here before me right now. Pray to Him. Adore Him, thank Him, ask pardon of Him for my sins, beg further graces from Him upon myself and those I love. I am kneeling not before something, but Someone. A Divine Person, really, truly, substantially present. And not just His Divinity, but His Body, His Blood, and His Soul as well. A real human Soul here in the tabernacle. And what a soul! The Soul of God. Never again will the world see the likes of this Soul, this Soul to Which I speak now in prayer. Do not complicate these things. Do not overthink or overanalyze your prayer. Just speak to Him. Speak to this One lovingly and confidently, because this is God…

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