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October Concert Recap

Talented vocalists from Washburn University bring "An Evening of Opera" to St. Mary's

On October 3rd, the St.Mary’s auditorium became an opera house filled with the melodies of Mozart, Verdi, Donizetti, and Gilbert and Sullivan. In an effort to provide the community with uplifting and enjoyable entertainment, An Evening of Opera was the third musical concert produced by Acies. Featuring talented vocalists from Washburn University, their repertoire of popular arias, duets and quartets kept the audience spellbound or chuckling with the beauty or humor of the particular piece. Prior to each selection, Dr. Andrew Childs graciously gave brief, but invaluable context to help the audience understand the performances. By candlelight, surrounded by beautiful autumnal decorations, the guests enjoyed the music, which was accompanied by drinks and delicious desserts. The evening flew by in enjoyment of beautiful music and good company. Many who had heard opera live for the first time left with a new appreciation for a classic art form.

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