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Marcel Lefebvre: A Biography

Bp. Tissier De Mallerais

Marcel Lefebvre: The Biography

The definitive biography of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's life and his fight for Traditional Catholicism in a world overtaken by modernism.

This thorough study of the Archbishop's life chronicles his younger years, his priestly years in France and his missionary work in Africa with a main emphasis on the later years of his life.

Born in France in 1905, Marcel was drawn to the priesthood from his youth, and, following his father's advice, he entered the French Seminary in Rome at age 18. The early years of his priesthood were spent in Lille, France and then in Gabon, Africa as a missionary for the Holy Ghost Fathers. In 1947, Pope Pius XII consecrated him bishop and appointed him as Apostolic Vicar of Dakar. The following year, the Pope then named him Apostolic Delegate to French Africa, raising him to the title of archbishop.
In 1962, Abp. Lefebvre was elected to the position of Superior General of the Holy Ghost Fathers while, at the same time, appointed Assistant to the Papal Throne and a member of the Preparatory Commission for Vatican II by Pope John XXIII. Following the events of Vatican II, he resigned, intending to retire. However, God works in mysterious ways and not soon after, he was approached by several young seminarians who saw the modern errors affecting the seminaries and wanted a traditional priestly formation. It was only after repeated requests that the Archbishop started the Priestly Society of St. Pius X with the blessing of Bishop Francois Charriere and the approval from the Pope. It was from there that the SSPX's work to "Restore All Things in Christ" began and, consequently, continues to this day.

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