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Garcia Moreno

Fr. Augustine Berthe

Garcia Moreno

Can governments publicly profess the Catholic faith in modern times?

Garcia Moreno held the Revolution at his feet for fifteen years. What is needed today is a Christian Hercules, a Garcia Moreno, imbued with the armor of Christ, that is, the social truths of which the Church alone is the keeper. The true and only Liberator is Jesus Christ, because He is the truth, and the truth alone can deliver the nations. Veritas liverabit vos. The Truth shall make you free.

Alone among all the heads of state, in the wake of the French revolution and the collapse of societies it brought about, Garcia Moreno restored Christian government in Ecuador and merited the glorious name of Regenerator of the Fatherland; alone, despite calumniators and assassins, he gave the world a unique example of unshakable fortitude in the accomplishment of duty; alone, surrounded by tyrants who fought over the nations only to empty their purses, their minds and their hearts, he heaped immense and imperishable benefits upon his nation in the material, intellectual, moral and religious orders; alone, finally, a heroic martyr for Catholic civilization, he gave his blood for the noble cause he had defended. Thus he stands before us as the great political man of the 19th century, the type, so rarely seen, of the savior of nations.

This is THE definitive biography of Garcia Moreno.

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