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All for the Love of Mothers: Memoirs of a Catholic Midwife

Lisbeth Burger

All for the Love of Mothers

Forty-three short stories by a midwife who knew all the intimate details first-hand. The stories are grippingly historical but their purpose is educational and moral, making it a book for everybody. Forty years of stories about real people in real situations, false love, courtship, romance, abortion, marriage, dysfunctional families. Thoughtful medicine for public immodesty and ungoverned feelings. Mostly unhappy endings, but since when have fairytale endings taught us life's hardest lessons? Parents, use the living examples in this book to explain the beauty, dangers, finality, order, morality, proper terms, and attitudes of the matrimonial union. Young adults, learn from the experiences of others instead of making your own disastrous mistakes. A can't-put-it-down easy-to-read book, convincing readers that happiness on earth is only possible when the order of the Divine Creator regarding Human Life is respected.
—from Saint Thomas Aquinas

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